Zorba – the best dog ever ♥

This has been such a bad week for me. I know life is not always fun and beautiful and that those times only make you appreciate them so much more when the darker days come around.

My dog passed away on Tuesday. My friend. I’ve never loved a dog as much as I love Zorba and I know no other dog will ever be able to fill his shoes. As my sister said: “He was our Lassie.” He was also my dad’s loyal friend until he too passed away on a Tuesday. Also the 19th. I miss him so very much and it broke my heart when I couldn’t be there when he was taken to the vet.

From the beginning Zorba had such an endearing personality. When he was less than 6 months old the vet wanted to have him put out because he suspected he had a tumor on his brain. Asshole. There was nothing wrong with him and I think even up until Tuesday Zorba never even realised that he was old. The gutsy old fellow even chased an overgrown ugly Alsation out of our yard and over a wall once. hehe… I will remember him as being forever young ♥

Mis jou liefie xoxo

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