Year one: 2011

It has been a year. Sjoe. It feels like I need to sit down and just try and remember everything. It feels like yesterday that I packed everything important to me in Goldie (my taz) and drove 1600km with my mom to Cape Town. From the get-go God has been on this journey with me, opening each and every door for me and taking my hand when I was too scared to step through. He is truly amazing and I don’t think I thank Him enough.

My first few months in Cape Town were extremely scary. The first time I found Canal Walk without my GPS I celebrated! With wine! Yes I drink wine now too! A true Cape Townian né? lol. One of the biggest things God has blessed me with this year are friends. I’ve never been extremely outgoing and before moving to CT everybody warned me that the Cape is very ‘clicky’ and I won’t make friends easily, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. I know I truly belong in the photographers community because I’ve never had more friends. Not even in a small town such as Middelburg.

Cape Town, you are a beauty. And I’m so happy to live here. If you could go back in time and tell my 2007 self (attending University of Pretoria and studying BCom) that I would survive my first year as a full time Cape Town photographer I would have died laughing. I didn’t know anything about photography. I didn’t even own a camera! Bahahaha!

It still amazes me how I got to assist some of our country’s top wedding photographers. These guys are all just such rockstars in my eyes and from each one I learnt something else: Jean-Pierre Uys, Sybrand Cillie, Du Wayne Denton and Christine MeintjesJan Dorfling. Even I have to admit, I came a long way from the ‘plattelandse meisie’ from Middelburg who used to ask Joburg togs whether she could assist them and always getting turned down. Cape Town togs are WAY nicer!

Within the first 24 weeks of last year, I had shot and assisted at 27 weddings! I was definitely thrown into the deep end and I really do love what I do!

Earl gets his own paragraph. This cool friend of mine (from Earl Martin Photography), postponed his shopping trip on a Saturday to bring me his 5D as a back-up when my camera fell and broke during a wedding last year.To all future brides – don’t worry I had a back-up camera but I needed Earl’s to be my new back-up! I was terrified for like 5 minutes and he was the first person I phoned. You see Earl? You are such a reliable person that during a crises you are the first one that comes to mind! Thanx for saving my ass. I hope you enjoyed the biltong.

To all the photographers who let me help them last year – thank you, especially Jean-Pierre Uys who I never thought I’d meet let alone assist. He was the one who sparked the flame at his first workshop in Oct 2010 and made me move.

Here’s to 2012! To all the people who visit my blog now and again, I wish you a very happy and blessed year! I hope you will continue visiting me as I will do my best to post pretty pictures!

Here are a few of my favorite images from some of the weddings I’ve shot at this year..

(2nd shooting for Sybrand Cillie)

I seriously thought this guest was Arno Carstens. Almost asked for his autograph as well, but it wasn’t him :((2nd shooting for Du Wayne Denton)(2nd shooting for Du Wayne Denton)

This was without a doubt the prettiest wedding I attended this year. And I’m very proud of the shots I got as well!(One of my own weddings: Justin + Janine)(2nd shooting for Jo-Ann Stokes)

I really love this pic of the three couples all embracing each other at the same time. When I took the shot I only focused on the front couple, and only later saw there were indeed three!(One of my own weddings: Stefan + Lindie)Felt very chuffed with myself for getting to photograph singer Anton Goosen at their wedding :)
(One of my own weddings: Barnie + Euline)(One of my own weddings: Sergil + Cleo)(2nd shooter for Du Wayne Denton)Their best man was Sharks rugby player, Ross Skeate. Swoon! He very gentlemanly helped me over the rocks during the couple shoot. Ahem. Yes. I am lucky.(2nd shooter for Du Wayne Denton)(2nd shooter for Jo-Ann Stokes)(2nd shooter for Jani B)(2nd shooter for Jan Dorfling)(One of my own weddings: Michael + Desré)

Their wedding was the one with the prettiest decor this year by far!!
(One of my own weddings: Kobus + Simoné)

This wedding was very special for me. Simoné and I went to the same primary and high school but we only became friends this year after she discovered I was a wedding photographer just like her! Her creative flair for throwing together the prettiest and most colourful wedding of the year secured us two features this year. One international and one local!(One of my own weddings: Clintin + Sheila)(One of my own weddings: Ritchie + Laura)(One of my own weddings: Dries + Marlise)(2nd shooting for Du Wayne)

This was the wedding of fellow wedding photographer, Yolande Snyders-Kotze. I was called “assistant” for the day so that we don’t get confused when someone said “Yolande”. lol(One of my own weddings: Damian + Laura)(One of my own weddings: Werner + Francis)And now for some behind the scenes footage…

Du Wayne braving a VERY VERY windy Camps Bay.
Yes, we get silly the later it gets during the reception. It’s not enough to just photograph guests anymore :)
Christine Meintjes doing her thing.Jammer Christine, ek het gedink dis ‘n funny pic!


  • January 6, 2012 - 10:51 am

    Nick - Incredible first year, Yolande!! You deserve all the success that comes your way. Hope you have a fantastic 2012!ReplyCancel

  • January 6, 2012 - 10:56 am

    Heather Steyn - Coolste post! Baie geluk met jou eerste jaar hier in die kaap. Ek is baie lief vir jou nana and jy is ‘n inspirasie vir so baie mense!! xxReplyCancel

  • January 6, 2012 - 11:13 am

    Nicolette - Sjoe as ek nou ‘n “like” button kon hê vir elke foto sou ek wragtig elkeen gaan click het.Ek love jou werk en is so in my skik met jou!Jy is so ‘n groot inspirasie vir my!Well done met jou besigheid en sukses wat jy reeds bereik het.Mag jy net groei in alles wat jy aanpak!xxxReplyCancel

  • January 7, 2012 - 1:10 am

    Ansie - Geluk met 1 volle jaartjie Yolandé!! Liewe Jesus het jou met ‘n doel Kaapstad toe gestuur – dit kan mens sien! Jou werk is stunning stunning stunning!! Geniet die volgende klomp jare!! Mis jou. Baie baie liefdeReplyCancel

  • January 11, 2012 - 11:43 am

    Yolandé - Baie dankie vir al die mooi comments julle!ReplyCancel

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