Cape Town Couple Shoot | Jürgen + Michaela | Cape Town

The world is so big and even though I often don’t know where the country is situated where they come from or what it looks like over there, these couples find me and together we just ‘click’.

I sometimes wonder how I manage to get these wonderful clients. With Michaela + Jürgen from Vienna, Austria, it was no different. We met for the first time in their hotel lobby after Alicia Buckle did her magic on Michaela in terms of hair & makeup.

Then we were off to capture some memories for the two honeymooners.

Michaela brought her wedding dress along in which she had said “I do” just a few weeks ago and I loved the whole “Grecian” look! I also think she bares some resemblance to the beautiful Celine Dion, don’t you?

M + J: I had so much fun documenting the two of you in our beautiful city. Even if it was a bit cold and overcast. Thank you so much, enjoy your photos! xx

Thanx Zuzi for assisting me!

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  • October 16, 2013 - 6:14 am

    Michaela - “Zufälle sind unvorhergesehene Ereignisse, die einen Sinn haben.” – Diogenes

    roughly translated like this: coincidences are unforeseen events that have a meaning

    Yolandé, meeting you was more than a coincidence, it was pure luck, joy and pleasure :) Thank you so much for your the lovely output of our shooting, you did a great job!


  • November 9, 2013 - 5:57 pm

    Alicia Buckle - wow wo wow wow wow!! the photos is sooo beautifull!!! every one tells their own storry. xx this was soo special to be part of your
    very special day Michaela, was lovely to do your hair and make up. xReplyCancel

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