“I’m a green-thumb + my favourite series ever is Gilmore Girls.”

My Story

It starts back in 2008.

Fresh out of University with a BCom degree in my pocket I had my sights set on some type of posh corporate job in Joburg. Fortunately I couldn’t find anything so I moved back home to the small town where I was born and had lived most of my life. Middelburg, Mpumalanga.

I immediately found a job at the local newspaper as a journalist. I had always loved writing and being creative and I thought this would be a good starting point until I figured out what job I would like to do for the rest of my life.

I spent that year driving between the local high school rugby event and photographing a horrible accident scenes on the N4.  After exactly one year I bid the newspaper farewell and went to work in our family business which we’ve had since before I was born. For two years I built and engraved trophies with one hand and hungrily devoured every single wedding photography blog I could find with the other.

The newspaper team had given me a camera and with it I photographed my first wedding for a family member on Valentines day 2009. The year after that I photographed 4 weddings, which included my sister’s.

One of my biggest idols at the time blogged that he was going to hold his first workshop in Cape Town. By October 2010 I withdrew every last cent I had saved and flew to Cape Town to attend it. That same weekend I assisted him at one of his weddings at Vrede & Lust. I was hooked. I couldn’t believe how different Cape Town weddings were to the small traditional things they threw together back home.

On the airplane on my way back I prayed. A lot.  This was what I wanted to do. Document People… Life… Emotions.

Two months later, in December 2010, my mom and I drove with Goldie (my Toyota Taz) 1600km with all of my earthly possessions stuffed into the back. The rest really is history. My life changed that day.

My Dreams

Ever since my dream of moving to Cape Town and being a successful wedding photographer came true, I kind of feel like the world is my oyster :) I started by making small goals. First I wrote down the venues where I would love to photograph a wedding at one day. And low and behold.. they all happened. I totally believe in “The Secret’s” concept. I have a vision board in my office where I pin my new goals for the future.

My biggest dream since high school has always been to travel overseas.  

My parents would always just nod their heads whenever I told them I was going to travel internationally. I don’t think they ever believed me. Well.. that day happened last year. And not once but twice! I traveled to Angola in June and stepped foot in Norway in September for my very first international wedding.

I’d still love to book weddings all over the world. It would be the coolest thing ever to see what the world looks like outside of South Africa. Life is so short and I want to experience it all and share my journey through my photographs.