3 Generations: My granny, my mom and me..

Ahh… I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy looking at these pictures again. Let me introduce you to my mom (Annerine) and my Granny. They came to visit me in June and I drove them all over Cape Town. Almost a month before they came however, I scheduled this shoot with Catherine Mac.

Now this was a shoot just waiting to happen. During 2010, when I still worked in our shop and blog stalked each and every worthy Cape Town photographer, I came across Catherine’s site. There were a few togs whose sites I frequented on a daily basis (yes I did say daily) and they include Nikki Meyer, Christine Meintjes, Lizelle Lotter, Du Wayne, Jani B and Sybrand Cillié. I know, it’s all ‘da big’ guys, but hey.. I aim high :)

Two of them however stood out. The first was Jean Pierre Uys. I fantasized about flying him to Mpumalanga to shoot my wedding someday. Which I doubt will happen anyway because there seems to be no single men left on earth. The second photographer was Catherine Mac. I started following her when she still mainly photographed families and it was during the time when I also only photographed families. That’s how I got into this game and I admired her because shooting families ain’t easy y’all! And she had it!

So, when I got over my fear of actually being IN FRONT of the camera, I booked her :) And didn’t she do a great job!? Oops.. I’m talking too much. Go look at the pictures!I’ve got a pretty mom, hey? ♥ Just so you know, I did her hair :)I’ve always wanted a shot like this! Thanx Catherine!Ooo… definately my favourite one of me.And Miss Photographer Lady! I requested this one and she handed her camera to my mom to take it! haha!

  • July 25, 2011 - 6:29 am

    realdi - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dis A.W.E.S.O.M.E !!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • July 25, 2011 - 8:09 am

    Jani B - Ag dis special!ReplyCancel

  • July 25, 2011 - 9:50 am

    Nicolette - Aw wat ‘n wonderlike idee!Dis baie mooi fotos Yolande en julle almal lyk pragtig!ReplyCancel

  • July 25, 2011 - 10:50 am

    Heather Steyn - So mooi! Dis regtig spesiaale fotos <3ReplyCancel

  • July 25, 2011 - 2:28 pm

    simone - eks bly jyt oor jou fear van voor die kamera lens staan gekom want WHAT A PRETTY LADY YOU ARE!!! die fotos is fab! very special! xoxReplyCancel

  • July 25, 2011 - 7:45 pm

    Candice - Looking at these photos, brings a tear to my eye… wish i could do a shoot like this with my mom and gran :) Awesome idea Yolande you look awesome! Cath Mac Rocks :) :)ReplyCancel

  • August 2, 2011 - 12:05 pm

    Catherine Mac - Ahh, bless your cotton socks!! So special reading this Yolande! Just for the record people, Yolande, Annerie and Yolande’s gorgeous gran were SO awesome in front of the camera! Totally natural and a real pleasure to spend an afternoon with! Lots of love Yolande! x x xReplyCancel

  • August 13, 2011 - 4:43 pm

    Mariaan Kruger - Hi Yolande. Dis nou wraggies mooi fotos van ma-hulle se kuier inni Kaap. Sy bly my hart se punt x x xReplyCancel

  • August 16, 2011 - 6:48 pm

    Monique {Oh Darling Bride} - Absolutely beautiful! And what a blessing to capture three generations of women in your family. I started to tear up thinking of my gran. Thanks for sharing this :)ReplyCancel

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